No One Way Initiative

The Webber Family Foundation's No One Way (N1W) initiative - developed in 2023 - offers grants to organizations in Austin Texas, Greater Washington DC, and across the US that are aligned with its goal of promoting curiosity and open dialogue as a way to learn and improve.

Civitas Institute – UT Austin  

No One Way reflects the Foundation’s commitment to drawing on differences to solve problems. We fail to make progress on our thorniest challenges when we insist that there’s one right way to think about an issue or to move forward. In schools, non-profits, workplaces, families, and communities, the strongest solutions emerge when we welcome diversity of thought, practice curiosity, honor human dignity, and embrace complexity. 

N1W grants will fund a wide variety of projects and organizations that are working to bridge divides and promote healthy conflict. At this time we are intentionally funding broadly, getting to know other funders and organizations, and testing ideas, so that we learn and can fund strategically in the future. 

For more information, see our N1W Grant Guidelines and previous N1W grants.

At this time, applications for N1W grants are by invitation only.  If you believe your work fits our interests, send an email to  



“I believe in embracing complexity.

There’s never just one way to look at an issue or to solve a problem.”   

Neil Webber