Our Founder

Neil Webber is the Founder and Chair of the Webber Family Foundation. A graduate of MIT, Neil worked at several tech start ups and was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Vignette Corp, which offered a suite of content management, web portal, collaboration, document management, and records management software.

Neil created the foundation in 1999, and since then he has devoted thousands of hours to education non-profits as a trustee and board chair. The foundation’s areas of focus reflect Neil’s values and his passion for excellence: expanding opportunity, practicing curiosity, and drawing on differences to solve problems. 

“I want to encourage excellence wherever it is found. To excel – to go beyond what’s been done before – we must practice curiosity and stay committed even when progress is uncomfortable. This is true for individuals as well as groups.”


Neil’s other interests include poker, aerospace, and Texans football.