Neil Webber is the Founder and Chair of the Webber Family Foundation, which has distributed over $19 million in grants to education-focused organizations. 

Neil holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT. He has worked at a number of technology startup companies throughout his career. Most notably, he was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Vignette Corporation, which offered a suite of content management, web portal, collaboration, document management, and records management software. 

After Vignette, Neil formed the Webber Family Foundation to target the educational needs of lower-income youth. In his role as Chair of the Webber Family Foundation, Neil is a critical part of the philanthropic community of Central Texas.   

In addition to chairing the Webber Family Foundation, Neil served as Chair of the national Breakthrough Collaborative Board of Trustees, and Trustee of Breakthrough Central Texas, both focused on increasing college access and completion for underrepresented students.  

In his spare time, Neil works with selected seed-stage companies as an advisor.