Encouraging excellence.


Encouraging excellence.


Encouraging excellence.

Education. Expression. Excellence.

For over two decades, the Webber Family Foundation has been committed to breaking the cycle of generational poverty through education. As part of this commitment, the foundation has invested millions in resources and expertise to help build hundreds of exceptional education nonprofits predominantly in the Central Texas and Washington DC regions.

Today, our giving continues to evolve in response to changing times and community needs. As we expand our priorities, we remain committed to the beliefs that education opportunity is essential to a just and vibrant society; that the best way to strengthen communities is to empower individuals to excel and achieve their greatest potential; and that practicing curiosity and seeking diverse perspectives makes for better solutions and better humans.  

Our Grant Initiatives

No One Way (N1W)

Supporting inclusive environments that welcome diversity of thought, practice curiosity, honor human dignity, and embrace complexity

Opportunities for Youth Achievement (OYA)

Expanding quality learning opportunities for motivated, underserved youth so that they may achieve their greatest potential

The Webber Family Foundation believed in us early on and supported a vision for a better foundational curriculum for school-based guitar education. With the help of the Foundation, we were literally able to lay the groundwork for the development of hundreds of new school programs.

Matthew HinsleyExecutive Director, Austin Classical Guitar

By providing us with general operating funding, WFF has played a critical role in the expansion of our programming. WFF has been there every step of the way during our growth and it is not an exaggeration to say we likely would not be where we are programmatically and operationally today without its support.

Aaron GonzalesExecutive Director, Spur Local

Through generous capacity building support and start-up funding from the Webber Family Foundation, Austin Soundwaves is proud to have launched the Austin Music Education Coalition. Today, the Coalition is self-sustaining and includes traditional public schools, charter schools, community-based music programs, and alternative learning settings. We are grateful for our initial funding partner, the WFF, for believing in this vision.

Patrick SlevinDirector, Austin Soundwaves

Our work together moves beyond that of a transactional relationship, the trust creates a strong foundation for a partnership that truly values our work and knows that it evolves as it responds to Scholars’ needs. The Foundation team comes from a place of deep understanding about how important it is to meet nonprofits where they are with their constituents and how to be open about the feedback they receive from on-the-ground practitioners.

Amma FelixPresident & CEO, Collegiate Directions

Foundation staff have been true thinking partners—asking the right questions, encouraging innovation, assisting with capacity building, making introductions to other organizations in our space, and providing generous financial support.

Mary Ellen IsaacsFormer Director, Literacy First

The Foundation’s generosity was instrumental in creating a vital and enduring organizational structure that infuses our teaching and learning with a broadly humanistic, global perspective.

Stuart TartCorporate and Foundation Relations Director, Montgomery College