No One Way (N1W) Initiative

Grant Guidelines

N1W grants will fund a wide variety of projects and organizations that are working to bridge divides and promote healthy conflict. At this time we are intentionally funding broadly, getting to know other funders and organizations, and testing ideas, so that we learn and can fund strategically in the future. 

What we’re interested in supporting

  • Projects and organizations that operate in education settings (K-12, higher education, youth development, etc.) as well as in other settings (workplace, civic roundtables, culture-shifting, etc.)
  • Interest areas include belonging and community building; freedom of speech; academic freedom; collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution; engaging productively across differences; depolarization and other forms of culture change.

Levels of impact

  • Individual: K-12 students, college students, teachers, leaders
  • Organization: capacity building for organizations in the N1W ecosystem
  • Movement: funder collaborative(s), intermediary organizations


  • Across the US, with an interest in Austin TX and Washington DC

At this time, applications for N1W grants are by invitation only.  If you believe your work fits our interests, send us an email.  


Featured Grantee:  New Pluralists