Literacy First

Austin, TX

Literacy First provides low-income schools with highly trained tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level in reading before third grade.  Its vision is that every child in Central Texas is a successful reader before third grade, setting them on a path of excellence in school and in life.

The WFF has proudly supported Literacy First since 2005.  Grant awards to date:  ~$500,000.

“Our 14-year relationship with the Webber Family Foundation has been critical to our mission of ensuring all children become strong readers by 3rd grade. Foundation staff have been true thinking partners throughout this time—asking the right questions, encouraging innovation, assisting with capacity building, making introductions to other organizations in our space, and providing generous financial support. Every time we engage with the foundation we come closer to achieving our vision: that all Central Texans have equal access to opportunities through early literacy. We are immensely grateful for this partnership with the Webber Family Foundation. Their belief and confidence in Literacy First has allowed us to grow beyond what we thought possible and help us create a world where all children become strong readers, setting them on a path of excellence in school and in life.”

Mary Ellen IsaacsDirector